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GoTrack™ Anti-Gravity Kids Car Track Set

GoTrack™ Anti-Gravity Kids Car Track Set

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  • Develops your children's creativity and intelligence
  • Fun game which keeps them away from harmful digital screens
  • Perfect for 3 - 12 year old kids
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Protect Your Children From Harmful Digital Screens


Nowadays, our children spend a lot of time staring at the screen on the phone and television. This causes severe damage to their eyesight and makes them addicted to these devices!
GoTrack™ is here to entertain your children by developing their intelligence thanks to the famous Montessori method!

Learn While Having Fun


GoTrack™ is the perfect way to teach your children to think while having fun!
The circuit is one of the most used Montessori methods to develop children's intellect. It teaches your children autonomous reasoning while they have fun! Its tracks improve the coordination between eye and hand, the physical instinct (gravity and speed), and the imagination!

Boosts Creativity & Imagination

GoTrack™ is a great way to develop your children's imagination!
The track is 100% customizable thanks to its maneuverability and resistance, allowing you to create fantastic tracks of any kind. Who will create the best?
Have fun building easy and difficult tracks with your child and safely making cars whiz around the holy!

The Perfect Christmas Gift

gotrack toy

Do you have a birthday to celebrate, or are you looking for a Christmas gift? If you still don't know what to give your children, GoTrack™ is a perfect choice because it combines fun and learning simultaneously!

100% Safe To Play

The materials used to build GoTrack™ are 100% safe for your children!
The pieces are large enough not to be swallowed, and the colors and plastics are non-toxic, in short, your child will be able to play and learn safely! The toy is built to last.


• Does the toy operate on battery? Is it rechargeable?
The toy car operates with one rechargeable battery. The battery is included in the package with the charger.

• What is included in the package?
The package includes one car, tracks pieces according to your chosen variant (46, 138, 184) + charger for the battery.

 What is the recommended age?
GoTrack™ is a great toy for kids 3 -12-year-olds.

 What are the dimensions of the GoTrack™?
GoTrack™ packages have different sizes based on the number of pieces. The track components measure 3cm in length and 9cm in width.
46 Pieces: 1 Meters
138pcs: 3 Meters
184 Pieces: 4 Meters

 Is it dangerous?
Absolutely no! GoTrack™ is designed and built specifically to ensure the safety of your children with safe and non-toxic materials!

 What are the advantages of the GoTrack™?
GoTrack™ is the perfect game to teach your children autonomous reasoning while having fun! Its tracks improve the coordination between eye and hand, the physical instinct, and the imagination!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
Jo B.
Awesome, but have the batteries ready

The track is great & my 5 year old loves it. The only reason this isn’t a 5 star is how quickly the cars go through batteries…you need plenty at the ready if they love it.

Pauline Sherwood
Go track

Received good customer service

June Sowerby
Just buy it

I dont know who loves it more, me or my kids, we have two already... I have recommended this to all my friends, and have published it on my blog!! this is the funnest car track EVER!!! my kids love making huge unexpected tracks with it

Jordan Owen
Great toy for little ones

It is very attractive and our grandkids 5 , 4 and 2 years old keep playing with it for few hours.

Eli Marsh
Very durable and colorful

Great attention grabber for the kids my granddaughters plays with this toy for hours. I love it